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used the monster generator and got “lying cat boy who wears regal clothes” and “loose elk girl who wears a maid outfit” so i made some lazy pixels (didn’t clean the linework at all) and they’re transparent bc that’s fun right??

jesus i tried to combine the gangliness of a foal and the awkward cuteness of a baby bird to draw baby fluttershy but it just looks like fluttershy is dying of a terminal illness

back to the drawing board



I’ll get to your orders as soon as-as-as possible! … I m-may need a bigger shop…

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((See the full, still version here))

i kinda wish i could’ve featured more ponies but my hand was all “nope, can’t draw any more snouts ever”


everyone is so adorable omg thank you

Another pony with “realistic” bird wings; this time, Twi’s are loosely based on a Purple Martin’s.

I need more ponies with realistic bird wings

I based Rainbow Dash’s on a Tern’s wing shape (for speed) with the coloring of a Rainbow Lorikeet’s.

Little Miss Pondwater, with the hair of a moss ball and the skin of a koi.

sometimes only the power of friendship can get you through an artblock

mini merms

samsketchbook: What artistic improvements have you made that you are most proud of? / the real question: what pets do you have if any


I think this picture meant a lot to me because I was really struggling with getting that color scheme down for a long time. I’ve also seen my doodle quality just improve over the last 6 months by doing warm ups every day. It gives a nice measurement of how things are going.

This is sort of related, but it relates to being proud of my work or even liking it in the first place:

When I was taking a class, one of the “Get to know the class” assignments was to draw a tree. Any kind of tree, any style, in like 2 minutes. When the professor put them all on the big screen, I was super bummed because it looked like mine had gone missing and wasn’t up there. I couldn’t find it. Oh well. :( But I saw one that really appealed to me, and it was a style that I had been wanting to achieve, it was basically everything I wished my art would be.

I started getting a little sad, as not only was my tree lost, there was this pretty sick looking tree up there making me feel kind of little about my own work.

Then I realized that tree I loved was just my tree turned upside down. No joke this actually happened like 2 years ago. I didn’t recognize my tree for 10 minutes just because the angle was changed.

That was a REALLY significant moment for me just to learn that wow, my art actually looks cool when I don’t know it’s my art? Maybe I’m not that horrible? It changed the way I look at my art, and enabled me to be more proud of it in general. This is where it ties in with the question. I wasn’t proud of my work until the tree happened.

I felt like sharing that because it really helps me put things in perspective, and maybe it will help others too. Every time I am feeling down about my work, I remember that tree. You’re your own worst critic, it is so true.

As far as pets go, I actually have most of them listed on the side of my tumblr lol with their tags. I have 7 snakes, 2 fish, and a bunch of fire red shrimp!

reblogging this here because it’s really awesome and it was super nice of fimbry to go this in depth with their answer!

Thanks Fimbry!!

bjorgmans: (Oh ho ho ho favourite uvu) It's really neat!!! Where'd you learn to do that? I wish I could make physical plushies and stuff like that but sewing is not my strongest point haha

(on needlefelting)

not being able to sew for turds is basically why I love needlefelting so much :3 You can make some really cool plushies , and you only need two supplies, unspun wool and felting needles! ) You can find those online or in specialty fibercraft stores (I have one called “the woolery” in my itty bitty town I’m v lucky). For more complex shapes you can use pipe cleaner as a base. (which i did with the sylveon doll pictured below) I learned from YouTube videos, online tutorials, and just diving in and trying it. I can direct you to more resources if you want, and I’ve been thinking about a tutorial??


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