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getting so hype for halloween rn i had to draw a little witch friend



Tomorrow! Guys, who’s with me? Let’s make some inky goodness this Rocktober!! Also check out @jakeparker for more info if you aren’t familiar with this awesome tradition.

same ol same ol?

I am so down!!!

(via sungodphoebus)

I finally got around to scanning my goose dragon for dailybirdbeast!

It’s also got some goat thrown in there for good measure.

what did you dream about? hiding in bushes all the time? get a job bushlamb

hi im sam and welcome to jackass, a show where i make friends with donkeys of every breed. this is gonna be whack

But how can you stop me?

I f   y o u  d o n ’ t   e x i s t ?

Anonymous: Can you stop being so lovely

Ah!! I got this a while ago and i was so flustered I’ve put off answering it until I forgot about it! I can’t thank you enough, friend.

Have you heard the good word? M E  N E I T H E R

i’ve seen gf fans talk about babel but i haven’t seen any nun!babels to match reverend!bipper yet

when people say nice things about my art in the tags.

every cockle of my kokoro is warmed. ;v;

Yes, The Lord forgives, but we answer to a different guy.

(reverend bipper and nun babel B) )

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