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still trying to figure out watercolors. they are so fun and relaxing

until i realize the clothes im drawing aren’t real and i can’t have them

forgive me padre for I am addicted to this trashy godawful show


the spoopy twins


Tell me secrets, crystal ball
Let me be a fly on the wall.
I wanna know it, see it all

Another piece I made for the au blog ghostanza and I run!


you evil, meaty handed little devil baby

My friend ghostanza and I are making a gravity falls au blog! I drew gideon for it, for starters.

Remember my comic about rabbit knights?

I have a big soft spot for mutated animals in soft, pretty colors

why the LONG FACE unicorn
no need to be BLUE
very small piece done in watercolors bye


i just want to say that i’m very, very sad about robin williams dying but i think that he’d want everyone to be happy. go watch a comedy, or your favorite comedian, laugh because this is your chance to, laugh for robin

(via disturbinglycute)

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