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i broke down and made a playlist for my furry knight baby

if you listen to it and tell me what u think im gonna flip bc i’m a big dork

Fern by samsketchbook.

im trying to counter the negatives with positives u feel me


Dipper Pines always came prepared. As Mabel’s older brother (by four years), he’d quickly taken upon himself the role of babysitter and stand-in caretaker. He acted quickly, swinging his backpack around to his front and unzipping the pocket with the first aid kit inside. He knelt down and applied a disinfectant to her scraped knee and covered it with a polka-dot bandage (her favorite).

"Does it hurt?"

Mabel shook her head, lips pursed and arms crossed. “No.” She was moping.

Dipper frowned, taking his hands away from the bandage. “What happened? Did you trip?”

Mabel stayed quiet, her eyes trained on the ground, before sighing.

"I got in a fight."

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this is the fanstory ghostanza and I are working on! we’re alternating places writing and illustrating. this first bit is written by her, drawn by me.

also, she is a birthday girl and you should totally follow her! she has great taste and great art.

the lovely ragsy used the fursona generator and requested a “cream amoeba who uses reddit but won’t admit it, and enjoys performing occult rituals with friends”

making an amoeba expressive was an interesting design challenge!

scouts big vampire baby. jpeg

awesome character belongs to sungodphoebus :v

ummm sort of a gargoyle girl? just messing around


“…when you’re looking at live footage of a city in your country where people are being ASSAULTED by the police - side with the people.

(Source:, via modmad)

Today I did a tiny watercolor forest with some frolicking perytons

this started as a really messy flower study and it turned into a really messy flower study with donkey fairies

you are all so wise and complex in your own unique way.

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